As a Pacific Northwest-based architectural photographer, Doug Scott has been producing compelling imagery of the built environment for more than 20 years. His work is consistently marked by a strong sense of life, dimension, shape and materiality. The products of a thoughtful balance of context and striking composition, his photographs are uniquely versatile for the various uses of publications and successful marketing departments.


Doug's primary Clients are talented Architectural and Interior Design firms and General Contractors. Many are award-winning, using his photographs to best represent their talents in industry competitions, online, and in proposals and marketing materials.


Assignment photography may be arranged for a single Client, or commissioned by a primary Client and licensed to multiple firms under a Multi-Client Usage License allowing for cost-sharing.

Archived Stock may be licensed on a per-image basis, with discounted fees for multiple-image packages. If you are wondering whether a specific project is in the Doug Scott archives, inquire here.

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