As a Pacific Northwest-based architectural photographer, Doug Scott has been producing compelling imagery of the built environment for more than 20 years. His study and control of perspective was built on the exacting large-format platform, a bedrock undergirding his current vision and approach.

Life, geometry, dimension and materiality consistently mark Doug's work. The products of a thoughtful balance of context and striking composition, his images are uniquely versatile for clients needing top-tier architectural photography.


Doug's clientele consists largely of accomplished Architectural and Interior Design firms. His photographs are used to best represent their talents in proposals, industry competitions, editorials and online presentation.


Assignment photography may be arranged for a single Client, or commissioned by a primary Client and licensed to multiple firms under a Multi-Client Usage License allowing for cost-sharing.

Archived photographs may be licensed on a per-image basis, with discounted fees for multiple-image packages.

Interior designers may also inquire regarding Doug's available Wall Art, a sampling of which is in the menu above.

360.661.0549 | doug@dougscott.com