At work

When not uttering my plaintive cries of protest against its drafty design, as an infant I could be found photographing the minimalist interior of my crib, unable to resist its vertical lines and intersecting planes. I was born with a camera in my hand; the tripod came later.

In truth, my immersion into this craft was at the age of 25, cutting my teeth on the 4x5 sheet film captures of the view camera. As an Architectural Photographer working the greater Seattle area and the Pacific Northwest, I've been applying myself for more than 25 years to the creation of compelling imagery of the built environment. Life, geometry, dimension and materiality consistently mark my efforts. Balancing relevant context with striking composition, my photographs are crafted for clients needing imagery with a clearly professional impact.

My FAA certification as a sUAS (drone) Pilot was acquired in 2019, making a significant and meaningful aerial contribution to my services.

Off duty

"Do small things with great love." - bumper sticker

For me, the greatest blessing of working as an architectural photographer lies within the things of greater significance it facilitates. The privilege of being a husband and the father of my children, and all that entails, is an honor for which I am eternally grateful.

More recently, the unspeakable pain of tragedy has pressed me deeper into the joy of doing good for the glory of my Father in heaven. Not to earn heaven, but entirely in response to the gift of heaven, made possible by the grace of God.

For this spontaneous work of “doing good”, my tool of choice is a Triumph adventure motorcycle. The panniers (pan-yers) are outfitted with commonly needed tools and accessories to help motorists in need. The top box works perfectly for parts-running, or for delivering some fast-food during what is often a multi-hour wait for a tow truck. With well over a hundred of these meetings since early 2021, the very apparent impact of this unexpected care for strangers of all ages, races and incomes, has been nothing short of stunning.

(The relevant photo below was sent to me by Reuben following our repair of his cooling system on the shoulder of Hwy 20 near the San Juan Islands.)


Assignment photography may be arranged for a single Client, or commissioned by a primary Client and licensed to multiple firms under a Multi-Client Usage License allowing for cost-sharing.

Whether you require a high level of collaboration, or the freedom to simply commission me to approach your project independently, I welcome your contact.