When not uttering my plaintive cries of protest against its drafty design, as an infant I could be found photographing the minimalist interior of my crib, unable to resist its vertical lines and intersecting planes. I was born with a camera in my hand; the tripod came later.

In truth, my immersion into this craft at the age of 25 led to cutting my (adult) teeth on the 4x5 sheet film captures of the view camera. As an architectural photographer working the greater Seattle area and the Pacific Northwest, I've now been creating compelling imagery of the built environment for more than 25 years. Just long enough to get the hang of it.

A project's context, function and design inform my thoughtful featuring of its materiality, geometry, dimension and actual use. The quality of light that makes this visible is no less significant, and it all gets wrapped in striking compositions for clients needing imagery with a clearly professional impact.

My FAA certification as a sUAS (drone) Pilot was acquired in 2019, making a significant and meaningful aerial contribution to my services.

Assignment photography may be arranged for a single Client, or commissioned by a primary Client and licensed to multiple firms under a Multi-Client Usage License allowing for cost-sharing.